Playback Digital Frame Setup Instruction Manual

Requirements To get started:

• WiFi Connection
• Digital Frame
• “Whale” App on Phone or iPad
• Remote Control (included)
• Keyboard and Mouse (recommended for better navigation)
• Getting Started:

1. Create Video Slides:
• Use a video program on your computer or device to combine JPG files into a video.
• Consider using applications like Wondershare, Canva, or your preferred video editing tool.

2. Frame Setup:
• The frame is technically a large iPad; treat it as such for setup.
• Connect the frame to your WiFi network.

3. Access Google Play Store:
• Log the frame into the Google Play Store app preloaded on the device.

4. Download “Whale” App to Your Device:
On your phone or iPad, download the “Whale” app.
This app will connect your phone to the digital frame, turning it into a digital photo frame.

5. Install VLC Media Player on Digital Frame:
Download and install the VLC Media Player on the digital frame from the Google Play Store.
This will serve as your video player on the frame.

6. Connect Remote, Keyboard, and Mouse:
While the remote is included, it is highly recommended to add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for easier navigation through screens.

7. Play Videos with VLC:
To play videos using the VLC app:
• Upload your video to a flash drive.
• Plug the flash drive into the USB port on the back of the frame.
• Open the VLC app on the frame and locate the video file on the flash drive.

Additional Tips:
• For seamless navigation, consider using a keyboard and mouse in addition to the remote control.
• Ensure that the frame stays connected to the WiFi network for optimal performance.
• Regularly check for updates on the Google Play Store to keep apps and software up to date.

Note: If you encounter any issues during setup or usage, refer to the user manual provided with the frame or check the online support resources for the specific frame model.

Congratulations! Your digital frame is now set up and ready to display your customized videos seamlessly.

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