Reporting from BizBash LIVE LA!

We had a great time at BizBash LIVE LA! Our CEO Eddy Martinez was interviewed by KGPOW LA.

Your Video book and video brochure can be designed online at or our designer can create a Video Brochure that works for you.

Join us for BizBash LA LIVE!

Join us in Los Angeles at BizBash LIVE LA!

BizBash is North America’s #1 source of ideas, news, and resources for event and meeting professionals. Each month nearly 225,000 unique users look to BizBash for venue discovery, event style, technology, and tools for their next event. Their mission is to empower event professionals with ideas, intelligence, and resources to create smarter events.

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Brand Your Video Book or Brochure

Playback Video Books offers you and your business a creative solution to showcase your products, services and hard work. Upload logos, add text and photos to create your own video book right on our website.

When your branded video book arrives, simply upload videos and photos from your computer, using the provided USB cable and send to business prospects or use in presentations whenever you want to showcase your work.

Playback’s full function in-stock 7” inch video books ship in 5 to 7 days with storage capabilities of 512MB that can hold up a 30 min video, hundreds of photos or any variation.

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The Sweet Taste of a Mention in Snappy Gourmet

The Rose Gold Video Book was a hit with Mother’s everywhere including Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey Fame. Now a fitness expert, Teresa

We’d like to thank both, Snappy Gourmet and Teresa Giudice for the mentions!

We love you both right back!!!

Also, this past Mother’s Day our Rose Gold Video Book mentioned in the fabulous Snappy Gourmet Blog as #17 of the best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.


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Mother’s Day Rose Gold Video/Photo Books


Introducing the coffee table “Family Video & Photo Album”

available for Mother’s Day in Rose Gold.

Watch “while you store” your favorite videos and photos. Our viewable digital albums work just like a USB Hard Drive but are attached to 7” LCD viewing screen, a high power speaker, and function buttons.


Video albums are a great low tech, but high impact gift for Mother’s Day. Our auto on feature will play video upon opening, and photos with the push of a button.


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Preload with your favorite photos for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day Gift. Simply use your computers file manager to drag and drop videos and photo from your desk top, right onto the Playback Video Album’s hard drive. Unlike a costly photo album, that can take hours to setup, this process take seconds.


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The Wedding Video and Photo Album

The Wedding Video and Photo Album is the perfect way to celebrate and share your everyday videos and photos.
Bring your wedding video to the coffee table! Playback Video Books work just like a USB and can store you data as well play videos and slide show your favorite photos.


Visit our shop and start customizing your video book. Once it arrives you can easily upload all your photos and videos via the USB cable included with your order.

For more info call 305.661.8355 or to customize yours click to